The West Nipissing ATV Club VTT Nipissing Ouest was established to promote the sport of safe and responsible ATV riding as well as to promote the development of dedicated and shared trails and the identification of other trails suitable for ATV riding within West Nipissing and adjoining areas. 

West Nipissing is situated between North Bay and Sudbury in Ontario and lies north and west of Lake Nipissing.  It comprises of many regions including the towns of Cache Bay, Crystal Falls, Field, Lavigne, Monetville, River Valley, Verner and Sturgeon Falls

West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada

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    Announcement Regulation changes for 2 ups and Side X Side

June 8th 2015 Announcement
Effective July 1st 2015 Click the letter for more info

Click here for the Ministry of Transportation Website with the regulations

A New Season is upon us!

Welcome 2015! I hope everyone had enough of winter and are eager to get the 2015 summer season started.  We have a good line up for rides this year and none of them too difficult.  This year's line up of rides will permit us to train new leaders, tail, and guides.  So if you're interested in learning just let the leader of the ride know that you would like to learn about volunteering on leading, tailing or even guiding.  We are also taking names of people who would like to take a course on using the Defibrillator and CPR.  The club will pay your portion of the cost if you join and participate as a Health & Safety representative on our rides. 


The rides schedule for 2015 has been posted on our Club Rides Schedule, as well as in our Upcoming Events Calendar.


I got asked on several occasion why do we only have 8 rides this year. Well the answer to that is simple, just not enough people stepping up to plate to lead, guide or tail.  This has been an ongoing issue with always the same people doing all the work, and those people have been at it for several years hoping that more people are going to attempt to help.  When we ask for help, we have a lot people volunteering to scout the trails, but scouting the trails is the responsibility of the Leader and Tail of the ride so that they know what to expect when they actually do the ride.  If you're worried about Leading or Tailing, you shouldn't, the hardest part of leading or Tailing is to know where you're going, the rest is easy.  So I hope everyone gets out there this season and has fun. 


Interested in helping?  Just click here to send us an e-mail, even if you have a recommendation for new ride, feel free to send it to us, after all it is YOUR CLUB!



Monday, May 25, 2015

SAND DAM RIDE June 6, 2015

 There are several very narrow bridge crossing that could be dangerous, and one bridge with hand rails that side by side do not fit at all. Therefore we do not recommend side by side for this ride.

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Friday, May 8, 2015



On behalf of Bob Martin the Rides Chair, this ride has been re-scheduled to May 16th 2015, due to thunder storm and rain.   We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.  See you next Saturday.


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Our Goals:

  1. To advocate for safe and responsible ATV riding.
  2. To facilitate the development and identification of trails suitable for safe ATV riding.
  3. To facilitate the marketing and promotion of dedicated and shared trails suitable for safe ATV riding.
  4. To identify the funding sources and generate revenues for the attainment of its goals.
  5. To foster awareness, education, protection and enhancement of wildlife and natural resources.
  6. To work with other groups and supporters of trails for their promotion, development and management.
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Pictures of the last ride, 
WNATV Ride 3: Sand Dam - Saturday June 6th, 2015
Sponsored by Luc Charles Electrical & Chez Nous Cafeteria.

Family Day 2012 with Go Riding TV

A total of 54 ATV's and 68 riders showed up for the Family Day ride and 80+ people attended the lunch.


Video below is from our 2011 Family Day.



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