The West Nipissing ATV Club VTT Nipissing Ouest was established to promote the sport of safe and responsible ATV riding as well as to promote the development of dedicated and shared trails and the identification of other trails suitable for ATV riding within West Nipissing and adjoining areas. 

West Nipissing is situated between North Bay and Sudbury in Ontario and lies north and west of Lake Nipissing.  It comprises of many regions including the towns of Cache Bay, Crystal Falls, Field, Lavigne, Monetville, River Valley, Verner and Sturgeon Falls

West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada

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July 26 2008
Pierre Langevin was the First Leader

7th Annual Family Day
Aug 17th 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last Ride is done, now winter mode!!! Hibernation.
Hi Everyone

Well the last ride of the season is done and was a lot of fun.  Bob and Michel did a great job leading and Tailing the ride.  Everyone had a lot of fun.  This was a difficult season due to the weather and rain.  We had to scout the rides in the rain and actually do the rides in the rain.  Now the winter is upon us and it's time to hibernate our ATVs.  The club will hold a rides committee meeting in January to come up with a rides schedule for 2015.  We will announce the schedule in our February meeting.  The Web committee is also working hard on a new website, with a new look which they hope to launch by February as well.  We are planning on re-doing the map page to a more interactive maps to view and easier to download.  Please check back here often we will post ATV news and articles.  Also, join us on Facebook for interesting articles and news feed.  I also want to thank all of our volunteers, members and corporate sponsors for their continuous support.  If you want to join the team of volunteers just click here to send us an e-mail.

Happy Winter!!


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another Year come and gone
Hi Everyone
Welcome back to the site.  Another successful year has passed, this was a difficult year because of the high amounts of precipitation and water level.  The Rides committee worked hard to make sure the rides were successful.  Especially the Mega Run took several days and volunteers to make it happen.  Every time we went out to scout we would find another problem to bypass or re-route.  The volunteers kept pushing through until we had a complete and successful mega run.  It takes dedicated members and volunteers to pull off such a season, in the trail and off the trails managing the club. 

Saturday is the last ride of the season and hopefully the weather will co-operate.  It looks like we will have a good turn out and the long range forecast looks promising.  So one more to go before putting that ATV away.  Also on Wednesday November 12th 2014 is the last meeting of the year in the Field Church Hall at 7:00pm.  We will recap the last season and talk about the next season.  So come on out join us for the meeting as well. 

The 2014 season due the high water and what comes with High water required more work for the scouters than ever before.  I must thank and congratulate all the volunteers that put their personal work or schedule on hold to make the time to go out and make sure these rides can make through successfully.  I personally witnessed the work and I must say I was very impressed.  So all of you volunteers on and off the trails, thank you for your loyal support.  You're the reason that this club is successful. 

So come out to the meeting and/or the ride on Saturday and thank those volunteers in person and participate, sign up for a committee.

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Our Goals:

  1. To advocate for safe and responsible ATV riding.
  2. To facilitate the development and identification of trails suitable for safe ATV riding.
  3. To facilitate the marketing and promotion of dedicated and shared trails suitable for safe ATV riding.
  4. To identify the funding sources and generate revenues for the attainment of its goals.
  5. To foster awareness, education, protection and enhancement of wildlife and natural resources.
  6. To work with other groups and supporters of trails for their promotion, development and management.
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Pictures of the last ride, 
WNATV Ride 14: Winter Ride - Sunday November 15, 2014
Sponsored by Truchon Sales.

Family Day 2012 with Go Riding TV

A total of 54 ATV's and 68 riders showed up for the Family Day ride and 80+ people attended the lunch.


Video below is from our 2011 Family Day.



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